We are all about creativity, bringing change to life through stories,  and understanding how change really happens for people in your workforce. Let us guide your change stories to satisfying conclusions...

Change Delivery

Working with leaders to clarify and simplify organisational change requirements.


Guiding organisations to implement real and sustainable change.



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Sticky Stories

'Sticky Stories' are ... change messages that stick.


Let us help you find and tell the story of your change ... and create cool, clever, insightful animations that quickly get everyone on the same page!


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 www.stickystories.co or contact us about a custom designed animated story for your messaging.



Creative facilitation to progress real outcomes.  Workshops and forums to set goals, shape plans, solve problems and engage. 

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Visit www.stickystories.co - our growing collection of short animated stories to spark learning conversations and bring 'aha' moments on organizational change, Agile approaches, leadership, culture, communications and more.


Our story library is accessed  on a pay-per-download basis, and once purchased you are free to use them in your workshops and organisational communications..


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Some of our favourite Sticky Stories

In 2016 we embarked on a journey with Queensland's Department of Health, to craft stories that would bring the Department's Culture Success Factors to life for staff and start conversations about culture and behaviour. Working together on this key aspect of the Culture Program, we created six stories about Pete and his team, as they tackled day to day issues and found new, positive ways to grow and achieve. Here's one of the six resulting Sticky Stories, this one bringing 'Clarity' to life...

We had so much fun in 2015 working with global consulting firm Presence of IT, creating a Sticky Story that is all about the value of their People practice in making cloud HR & Talent solutions a success. We love the resulting 2.5 min story, take a look! For more information about Presence of IT People, check out their site. 


  Sticky Stories make change personal

We've combined our deep experience in Change Strategy and Delivery with our creative skills in theatre, film and storytelling. It's amazing how complicated business concepts and technical process changes can turn into simple, fun stories that make  sense to your workforce. Check out this Sticky Story that shows what we can do for you! 

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